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Unfreeze UK pensions in Canada

The Government of the United Kingdom does not provide annual indexed increases to the 136,000 recipients of UK pensions in Canada. It's an issue that costs Canada approximately $500 million each year.

Pensions are "frozen" at the annual amount from the time they are first claimed. This means longtime pensioners receive very little, as low as £41 per week, while the cost of living increases rapidly. As a result, some pensioners are forced to rely on social assistance programs in Canada. These people worked hard and made their contributions, and it’s appalling that they are not getting their due.

Canada has made requests to negotiate an agreement with the UK on this matter but the UK continues to refuse. UK pensioners living in the USA, Germany, Italy, and other countries receive annual indexed increases, and they should in Canada, too.

On March 9th, I brought forward a resolution in the House of Commons, calling on the Canadian government to press for action on this issue. The resolution passed unanimously. This week I sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, calling on him to escalate the issue and raise it personally with the Prime Minister of the UK. My letter is posted below.



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